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Gap Year New Zealand :: your questions :: What sort of clothes should I pack?

What sort of clothes should I pack?

New Zealandís territory, terrain and climate is so varied that pretty much a little of everything is represented somewhere in the country; from sub-tropically hot, through heavy rainforest downpours and onto snow and ice covered places. Quite what you might need to pack is very dependent on the kind of thing you are hoping to do here, where you will be going and what time of year. If you don't intend to move too far away from the beaches of the Northland during summer you might need little more than shorts, t-shirts and flip flops (jandals here) but if you want to go ice-caving on the glaciers or hiking one of the Great Walks in autumn you might have to think about your wardrobe a little more carefully. The good thing to know is that buying great quality second hand clothes - including outdoor gear - is easy here. Op-shops as they are known, make up a quintessential part of the Kiwi culture and can be found in just about any tiny town and in great numbers in the larger cities, So, if you do forget something or decide after arrival there is something you want to do and are not equipped for, you can easily get hold of the right gear at ridiculously bargain prices.

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