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Campa South Rentals

If you don't fancy having to keep to an organised itinerary, then rent a campervan! You'll have complete freedom and will save loads of hostel costs too!

Spaceship Campervans

Head for the open road in a camper van and you'll have all the freedom you need! These handy vehicles provide you with cooking and sleeping facilities; your very own home from home!

Affordable Campervans

Living out of a van is better than it sounds! These handy vehicles can be rented to take you all around New Zealand, saving loads of money on buses and hostels!

Cruzy Campers

Save loads of cash by renting out a campervan; they fit 2 to 3 people and are perfect for those who want real freedom on their travels!

Backpacker Campervans

There's no need to blow you budget on your travels. These campervans offer you transport, cooking facilities and a bed for the night! There are even low emission vehicles available for the eco-concious!

Wicked Campers

For your very own house on wheels why not rent a Wicked campervan? You'll save tons on accommodation and transport costs, so you can spend your money on having fun!




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