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Types of Work

If you don’t fancy slaving away in a full-time job for months at home, why not get yourself a job while you travel in New Zealand?

There are loads of options for you to ponder, just don’t forget that you’ll need a Working Holiday Visa to be able to work legally once you are there. You should apply for this a couple of months before you leave the UK, no last minute panicking please!

Fruit picking and Farmstays

This is the perfect job for those who want to earn some money, meet other young people and get a good tan in the process! It’s the classic backpacker job. Make no mistake though, the work is tough and the wages low. However, it continues to be a popular option for travellers and there is a high demand for workers during the harvest seasons. Work is available during most times of the year as there is always something to pick and package!

Try these websites to start searching for jobs:

Seasonal Jobs –

Harvest Trail –

Another alternative is to help as a farm hand or volunteer in a nature reserve. You’ll be given accommodation and meals as your payment. You’re likely to be asked to help out for a few hours each day, so it’s a great way to see rural New Zealand at work. Try:

Farm Helpers in New Zealand - –

WWOOF is an organisation which provides work on organic farms. ‘Wwoofer’ volunteers live with families on their organic farms and get involved with all the aspects of this style of farming. In return for your work you’ll be provided with meals and accommodation onsite.

For more information visit:

Hostel Work

Work in a hostel and you’ll certainly meet a lot of fellow travellers! Common duties include cleaning rooms and working on reception. In return you can expect free board, meals and even some spending money if you’re extra lucky. Arriving sometime before the peak summer season begins (December) is wise if you want to beat the competition for the jobs.

To find work ask at hostels or email in advance or try:

BBH New Zealand -


Hospitality/Hotel Work

The boom in New Zealand’s tourist industry over the last decade means that you’re in luck; there are loads of opportunities to work in hotels, bars and restaurants throughout the year. Try and get some experience in this sector before you leave home, it’ll give you the edge on the job hunt!

For job offers and more advice try:

Backpackerboard New Zealand:

Seasonal Jobs-

Search 4 Jobs -

Office/Temp Work

Recruitment agencies can put you in touch with employers looking for workers. A benefit to this type of work is that it pays more than manual jobs such as Fruit Picking. On the downside, it’s probably not as fun and you’ll most likley be sat in an office all day. Finding temporary office work is just like in the UK, so sign yourself up to some agencies to get you started!

Working In:

Search 4 Jobs:




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