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Getting a Job

This section will give you advice on how to land yourself that perfect cash-earner.

It’s not always necessary to go to a job agency, although they can be essential if you’re looking to work in an office. If you’re looking for seasonal or temporary work, however, try hitting the streets yourself, you’ll be surprised at how many job offers you’ll see.

What should I do? Essential advice!

Start by checking notice boards in hostels (not just the one you’re staying in!), newsagents and the jobs pages of local newspapers. Get loads of copies of your CV printed out, ensuring you mention any relevant experience you have from working back home and the relevant Working Holiday visa, and hand them out to bars, cafes, hostels, hotels and recruitment agencies.

Hostel staff can often be really knowledgeable about local job vacancies so try asking. Be sure to mention to fellow travellers that you’re looking for work and they might be able to put you in touch with their employer.

For some resort work, such as working on the ski slopes, it’s worth contacting companies ahead of the start of the season as these jobs are popular and tend to go fast!
When you first arrive in town, try not to get too settled and lazy if you do need to find a job. You might need to move around a bit, so don’t book up too much accommodation or make too many plans until you know you’ve got a job in the area.

Before you leave home make sure you email yourself your CV, references and any relative qualifications so that you have a copy with you wherever you are. Internet cafes will allow you to print off copies for a small amount of money, print off loads if you can, it’ll save time later on. Make sure you change your contact details on the CV to your New Zealand ones or employers will get confused! Keep it simple and highlight any relevant experience, aiming for a maximum of two pages. Try to keep your printouts clean and crease free!!

We know it’s tempting to pack nothing but swimwear, shorts and t-shirts, but make sure you’ve got something smarter to wear to interviews (how smart will depend on the type of job you’re looking for). Backpackers can be a grubby lot (not all of ‘em of course!) so you’ll stand out from the crowd if you make that extra bit of effort!

Make sure you open a bank account as soon as you can; while some employers pay in cash, most will want bank and tax details. For more information on how to take the pain out of organising all this, check out our page on Money and Banks.

Before leaving and whilst travelling, you can use these websites to obtain work and hunt for jobs

Backpacker Board Jobs - backpacking website with loads of casual jobs
Seasonal Work - listings for seasonal jobs such as fruit picking
BBH Hostels - listings for work in hostels across New Zealand
Seek - largest job listings website for Australasia
Netcheck - major New Zealand job listing website
Seasonal Jobs - seasonal work all over NZ



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