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Gap Year New Zealand :: your questions :: Do I need travel health insurance?

Do I need travel health insurance?

If you are intending to work under the working holiday visa scheme then the answer is yes Ė being in possession of adequate health insurance is a condition of your visa. Otherwise, it isnít compulsory but all the wisest travellers opt in. Cut corners now by all means but run the risk of kicking yourself for years after when you are paying off possible financial outcomes. Costs for medical treatments or medical evacuation can total figures more normally associated with the extremely wealthy and should you be involved in an accident with a third party, figures for personal liability might have several noughts on the end. Otherwise, bags and belongings do get stolen, airlines do lose luggage and passports do get damaged or lost. Get yourself covered so you can relax a little. Comprehensive policies are so competitively priced these days there really is no need to have to go without travel insurance.

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