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Offer a Work New Zealand programme including a visa, flights and support whilst in New Zealand

The working holiday programme in New Zealand is now open to more people than ever due to the extended eligibility of BUNAC's new IEP Work Exchange Visa - only available from BUNAC! Two year Working Holiday Visas also available.

Once in New Zealand, you can work and travel as you wish. Be a temp, wait on tables, try your hand at fruit picking or other agricultural work or serve in an Auckland cafe. The choice is entirely yours to do almost any sort of work, anywhere in New Zealand.

See as much or as little of the country as you like from the cities of Wellington and Auckland to the magnificent scenery and stunning ski resorts. Use the experienced team of staff at IEP NZ's Auckland Resource Centre for job and accommodation leads, support or advice. They can even find your first job for you and arrange your social life through their organised programme of trips and excursions!

Call 020 7251 3472
or visit

BUNAC,16 Bowling Green Lane, London, EC1R 0QH




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