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Offering teaching placements and conservation placements in NZ.

Lattitude Global Volunteering is the new name for Gap Activity Projects! They specialise in voluntary work placements overseas for 17-25 year-olds and currently arrange over 1,000 placements annually in 27 countries for volunteers from the UK.

Lattitude gives you the chance to live and work in a completely new environment with the security of knowing that the placement you're going to has been checked by Lattitude staff, that you will have had the chance to discuss your aspirations with your Project Manager to make sure you've got the best match and that you will have someone at hand overseas if you need help or support. There's a great deal more to volunteering that just turning up somewhere with a desire to help out. Lattitude has arranged almost 25,000 successful placements overseas since starting over 30 years ago so they have plenty of experience.

Call 0118 959 4914
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44 Queen's Road Reading Berkshire RG1 4BB




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