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Live a dream!

New Zealand is one of those places where you can do something you've only dreamt of. Rumours say that it's actually a country sized Disneyland, but that's not been confirmed yet! We've complied a few of these 'once in a lifetime activities' to show you what's on offer:

Swimming with dolphins

There are a number of places in NZ where you can get the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins. Unlike the trained captive dolphins you usually get to swim with, these rascals are in their natural habitat and are still inquisitive! You start off by getting kitted out in wetsuits and snorkels and then the dolphin hunt is on. Once a pod is found you are allowed to jump in and play with them. To keep their attention you have to jump around and make stupid noises, but it's well worth it when a dolphin comes right up to your nose and looks you in the eyes. You can really sense their intelligence when they glide around and check you out - a must do in NZ!

Jump out of a plane

So you've seen too many action films and now you feel you're ready to jump out of a plane. You've told your mates that you'd do it, but it's a bit too difficult in the UK - not in NZ! There are loads of skydive operators in NZ that will let you tandem jump out of a plane with no prior experience. You are strapped onto a skydiving expert so they take care of safety while you just enjoy the thrill. There is no better feeling than dropping to the earth at 250kmph. Just remember to take a spare pair of underpants.

Whale watching

In Kaikoura on the South Island you have the rare opportunity to see whales in their natural habitat. By plane or by sea, you can spot them as they come up for air and then watch their tails rise as they swim back down to feed and chill out! It's awe inspiring to see the size of the whales and to watch them spurt their water out like you've seen on wildlife programmes.

Walk around a live volcano

New Zealand is a thermally active country which means volcanoes, thermal spas and earthquakes! Out on White Island you can don a gas mask and actually walk around a thermally active volcano. Alternatively, you can do the Tongariro Crossing and hike over a volcano that has erupted twice in the last 10 years!



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