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Hostel work

You've got your Working Holiday Visa and want to work in NZ but you're also sick of office work and wearing smart clothes all the time. Well, why not work in a hostel?

The majority of hostels in NZ employ travellers and Gappers to do the grunt work. Some offer free accommodation and some will pay you. You'll find yourself cleaning rooms, working on the front desk, booking activities and working in the bar. It's not the most glamourous of work but you'll end up making loads of friends and be part of a backpacker community. You may even get discounts on activities and get chance to explore an area properly.

There are a few ways you can find hostel work. Firstly, you could email or phone ahead and see if a hostel needs some staff. Secondly, you could just turn up in a town and ask around. Thirdly, try where there are job listings for hostels.




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