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Crazy activities

New Zealand is known as the adventure capital of the world and rightly too. Those Kiwis don't stop creating ways to completely s**t yourself! We've compiled a few of the best but there are literally hundreds of activities to choose from.

Fly by wire

Strapped onto a rocket with an aeroplane engine attached to the back. Suspended above a canyon on a wire and then dropped into it reaching around 220kmph in about 2-3 seconds. Not one for your nan.


Human sized hamster ball. Roll it up a hill, strap yourself inside, throw in some optional water and then it's time to race downhill in your own personal washing machine!

Black water rafting

Fairly self explanatory, but basically rafting on tyres in caves. You get kitted up in a wetsuit and given a tractor tyre before you climb into a cave and ride some underground rapids! Bolton Waves will never be the same again...

Bungy jumping

Invented in New Zealand, everyone now knows about the bungee jump. There are now numerous places across the country where you can choose to jump off a very high platform if you dare! Strap the rubber band to your legs or waist and then leap like a lemming.


Turn up at the airport, put on a lovely looking boiler suit, get told about the risks and then taken up to 12,000 feet (or 15,000 if you wear an air tank) strapped onto a burley expert and thrown out of a plane. A relaxing day out for all the family.



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