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Gap Year New Zealand :: essentials :: travel information

Everyday Information

Here’s some basic, essential information everybody needs to know!

  • New Zealand’s time zone is GMT + 12 (October until March) and GMT +13 (April until September)
  • You will need to acquire a plug adapter to use your phone/camera charger etc. as the plug sockets are different to those in the UK. The plug features two flat slanting pins, just as in Australia.
  • The country dialling code for New Zealand is +64.

  • The New Zealand dollar consists of 100 cents.

  • Most shops have similar opening hours to those in the UK, from 9am to about 5pm, with late night shopping in some cities on Thursdays or Fridays.

  • The legal age for drinking alcohol and buying tobacco in New Zealand in 18. This is generally strictly enforced in both clubs and shops, so take some valid ID with you if you don’t want to spoil a good night out!

  • In 2003 smoking was banned from indoor public workplaces and inside hospitality venues. It is also banned from the grounds of some hospitals and inside stadiums so refrain from lighting up, it’ll do you good and save a bit of travel money too!



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