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Gap Year New Zealand :: essentials :: money saving tips for gappers

Believe us, once you arrive in New Zealand and start discovering all the wonderful things there are to see and do, you’ll be thankful for every extra cent you can save! Follow these handy tips to ensure you save your money for the important things

  • Get an ISIC, ITIC, ITIC Nomad or YHA card for savings in hostels, on trips and even in certain shops and leisure complexes. These are available to those under 26 and to teachers.
  • Take advantage of the special vouchers many hostels give guests on arrival; they’ll allow you to eat or drink at certain places at a really discounted rate, yum!
  • Stay at a hostel that offers free breakfasts, there are loads!
  • Travel in multiples of two as many room charges don’t change whether there are one or two people staying in them.
  • Resist those tasty looking restaurants and cook in your hostel’s kitchen as much as possible. Buy food locally at the supermarket or market, New Zealand has some great fresh produce.
  • Some hostels offer food/ free accommodation/spending money in exchange for working on reception or cleaning so it’s worth asking.
  • Buy international phone cards from newsagents to save tons on contacting whoever’s missing you at home.
  • If you feel you’re in need of a few new clothes, try markets in the big city or cheap fashion shops like Supré. We’ve found some great, unique items in the city markets.
  • Instead of booking individual bus journeys, get yourself a combined travel pass to save loads and still be flexible! Take a look at our Transport pages.
  • If you’re travelling in a small group, consider hiring a campervan. There are lots of rental companies in NZ and these vehicles are fitted with beds and even cooking facilities! Saves a bundle on accommodation and transport.
  • If you fancy hitting the road you could hire a car or buy a second hand one. If petrol costs are shared between a carload of you this works out to be pretty cheap!
  • Food courts in shopping centres are great places to eat for very little money; there’s sushi, smoothies, pizza, burgers...everything for the hungry traveller.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for hostels offering discounts for longer stays; many will try to tempt you to stay longer with 5 nights for the price of 4 type offers. These can be a great way of saving if you fancy seeing more of one place.
  • When you’re heading out for a night on the town, ask hostel staff about local nights for backpackers, the drinks will be undoubtedly cheap and the company, well, rowdy!



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