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Gap Year New Zealand :: essentials :: index

NZ Gap Year Essentials

In this section we provide all the essential information you need to decide whether NZ is for you and how to arrange a Gap Year there.

Remember if you have a question that we haven't answered then ask in our 'Your Questions' section.

Where should I start?
First of all have a look through why NZ could be the destination for you. Then see if the best time to go fits in with your year schedule. Remember you can also fit New Zealand in as part of a worldwide trip. Then check through the essentials such as visas, flights and insurance.
History and culture: Who are the Maoris? Why is English spoken in New Zealand? What’s the country like today? All your questions answered! (more) Amazing facts: Some weird and wonderful things you never knew about New Zealand. Impress your mates with your knowledge! (more)
Everyday info: Find out the basic, everyday information that’s important, including time difference and country dialing code. (more)
Destination guide: Here’s our list of the most popular tourist destinations across the North and South Islands.
Gap year costs: Find out how much it will all cost and how much you need to save with our rough guide.
When to go: Know when to arrive to get the best of the summer or winter seasons, and to grab those jobs before other travellers do.(more)
Starter packs: Buy a ‘starter pack’ before you leave the UK. It takes the hassle out of organising your arrival and allows your parents to relax! (more) Visas: Working holiday visa? Visitor visa? Find out which one’s best for you with this easy guide.(more)
Flights: We tell you where to look for the best value flights and give you essential information on domestic, round the world and simple return flights.(more) Travel insurance: This essential part of planning your trip can be made a little simpler with our handy tips on how to cover yourself on your travels.(more)
Festivals and events: Don’t miss out on the best events New Zealand has to offer with our month-by-month guide to what’s hot. (more) On arrival: The stress of dealing with airports, visas, customs and initial accommodation can be eased by reading this simple guide.(more)
Accommodation: From hostels to shared flats, campsites to campervans, everything you could ever need to know about where to rest on your trip is handled here.(more) Transport: With so many ways of getting to all those fantastic places you want to see, we give you a helping hand with information on every option.(more)
Money and banks: Everything you need to know about bank accounts, tax and makes the world go round after all! (more) Money saving tips: We give you some handy tips to help you make the most of every NZ dollar you have! (more)
Keeping in touch: We know you’ll appreciate internet access, having a mobile phone or a phone card when you’re far away from home. Here’s how.(more)  





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