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Gap Year New Zealand :: essentials :: gap year costs

How much will it all cost?

To give you an idea of how much you’ll need to save, or whether you’ll need to work while you travel, here’s an idea of how much a three month trip in New Zealand might cost you.

This is a rough guide to how much cash you will need, the final cost for your trip will obviously depend on how much you want to do while you’re out there, where you want to stay and how you want to travel etc. It’s always possible to save a little here and there, so see our Money Saving Tips section for our best tips.

A rough price guide for 3 months in New Zealand

Return flight from the UK – £750
(Prices vary between £600 and £900. Shop around, book early and off-peak for the best deals)

Visitor visa - FREE

Travel insurance covering valuables - £110

Flexipass for 60 hours of coach travel - £225

Hostel accommodation (assuming you stay in a hostel every night you are there) - £900 (£10/night)

Food and drink – £900 (£10/day)

Three activities such as a bungee jump, zorbing, white water rafting - £150

Three organised trips to places of interest - £200

Shopping for clothes and souvenirs - £150

Total £3385

This is an approximate figure and you can always cut corners if you need to, but this figure gives you a good idea as to the kind of money you will need.

To extend this trip to 6 months, the total moves up to around £6000 with two times everything except the plane ticket.

Other important price information

Working holiday visa - £50

Average backpacker pay - £5 / hour

A nice, cold beer - £1.80

Skydive - £120

An average two week tour - £400



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