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Gap Year New Zealand :: essentials :: arriving in nz

When you arrive in New Zealand...

Your bags are packed, you're on the plane, but what happens when you land on the opposite side of the world? Don't worry, it's a painless process which is helped by the fact that everyone speaks English!

:: Immigration and Visas

If you have read the Visas section you should be ready to get a tourist visa or have already acquired a Working Holiday Visa. Once you have left the plane you will arrive at Immigration. For a tourist visa you just need to show your British passport to the official and they will give you the all important stamp. For a Working Holiday VIsa you need to show them it in your passport and you may also need to supply some supporting documentation for evidence of funds.

:: Customs and MAF

New Zealand has very strict regulations to stop the spread of foreign animals and diseases in NZ. You will see sniffer dogs patrolling the airport but they aren't looking for drugs, they are hunting for food! You are not allowed to bring any food into New Zealand so don't bother packing any. Also make sure you wash your shoes, walking boots and any outdoor clothing or gear you have in your bags.

:: Initial Accommodation

After a long flight there is nothing worse than staggering around trying to find a bed for the night so make sure you book the first couple of nights in advance. Some hostels give you a free airport pickup or can help arrange this so check when you book. Print out directions and details of the hostel befroe leaving home so if problems arise in NZ you can show it to the driver! Also print out details of your booking.

:: New Zealand Airports

Both Auckland and Christchurch airports aren't near the city centres and so you will have to get transport to your accommodation. Both airports have a shuttle bus service which will take you into town for around NZ$12. You could get a taxi but this is really not worth paying the extra money for. If you haven't changed any money beforehand you can find cash machines in the terminals which will accept UK cards. This is a quick and easy way to get money out for the essentials. Auckland airport also has a McDonalds if you're feeling hungry!



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