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Gap Year New Zealand :: your questions :: Can I drive in New Zealand?

Can I drive in New Zealand?

If you have a valid UK drivers licence then you are eligible to drive in New Zealand for up to a year without doing anything else. After this time, you would need to take an NZ driving test. Be aware that it is against the law not to have your licence on you while driving.

There are loads of rental car companies in New Zealand offering very competitive rates so you could hire a car for a weekend or a few months! In general, drivers have to be a minimum of 21 but some will let 18 year olds hire a vehicle. Look at the car rental section in our directory for some companies to try.

With petrol and insurance being so cheap, many backpackers buy a car to travel around New Zealand then sell it on when they leave. Have a look at this backpacker car noticeboard for what's on sale at the moment!

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