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Gap Year New Zealand :: your questions :: Is hiring a campervan a good idea?

Is hiring a campervan a good idea?

When you arrive in New Zealand you'll see that campervans and motorhome are a popular option as they are everywhere! However the larger models can be an expensive way to get around as they can cost $100-200 a day. Smaller campervans can be more cost effective and are more like big cars with beds fitted in the back. This means that in certain places you can save money by staying on a campsite rather than a hostel room. However you can't always just pull over on the roadside to sleep depending on local laws. If you are going for six months or longer you might want to consider purchasing a campervan or car as this can be much cheaper than buying and some companies will buy it back when you leave. Check out some companies in our campervan rentals section

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